SO guys I’m just your typical girl who starts her senior year in a day. And nope, I’m not excited since I just finished writing my finals this morning. Yay.(note the sarcasm)
A short time ago I was this person who used to whine about everything that came her way. Now I’m determined to change that, and maybe change the people who have a similar attitude, too. So I’ll just post about stuff that happened to me and we’ll try to see atleast ONE advantage from the situation.
For example I just said that I wasn’t happy with my senior year starting so soon. BUT…..
1. I get to meet my friends again
2. Maybe I’ll graduate early
3. I’ll be learning something instead of sitting on this couch the whole day long and becoming a couch potato.

So you see??? THIS is how my blogs are going to work!!
Toodles for today!!


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